2017 Parade Photos!

2017 Parade Photos!

OK Folks! Let’s see em! If you’d like your favorite photos added to this years photo album please do one of the following…

You can…
– send your photos to photos@veniceholidayparade.com
– post them as a reply to this post
– upload them to your personal cloud based storage provider (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.) and send us the shared link (either by email or by pasting the link in a reply to this post)
– If you have some other way to send your photos, we’ll do our best to accommodate!

9 Replies to “2017 Parade Photos!”

  1. Brought the family to your Christmas Parade Saturday night and was so disappointed. I’t was so disorganized and univentful I shall never again be duked into seeing it again. What a shame.

  2. The Christmas parade was a disappointment for my family and other spectators. Never again shall we go to it. SAD

    1. Merry Christmas Scrooge! I’m glad you felt the need to complain about an event you paid nothing for and did nothing for! Maybe you should volunteer your time if your so good at organizing thousands of people and floats, bands, cars, etc… People like you irritate the heck out of those who try their best! Go home and stay there Mr. Miserable

      1. Very well said. Having been involved with volunteering for most of my life, I am very familiar with people who criticize those who DO yet they DO NOTHING of their own!

        1. Don’t speak for THIS spectator, Sir!!! We loved the parade! Great job organizing all those units & was well executed! Such a fun way to start the Holiday season! Thank you for all you do!!

  3. We thought your parade was amazing and eventful and very organized! We will defiantly be back! Thank you for a great time!

  4. I’ve tried to email pictures to the above email address and keep getting an error message stating the address is wrong…Please advise. Thank You!

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