Below are some frequently asked questions that we have received.  Questions are in bold, answers are in italics  If you’re questions are not answered below, please feel free to contact us through the website’s “Contact Us” page.  Thank you!

When is the 2019 parade?
The 2019 44th Annual City of Venice Holiday Parade
Saturday, November 30, 2019
Staging Starts at 3pm
Pre-parade Starts at 5pm
Parade Starts 7pm

What date and time will we be able to put our chairs out along parade route?
The City Ordinance allows for the placement of chairs on the parade route after 6:00PM on Wednesday.

Do you know what TV channel it will be on?
Sadly, it will not be televised this year.  Previous years it was aired on SNN

Where can participants park ?
All parking is on the streets of the City. Best place for participants is somewhere around the Community Center as that is where the parade ends.
There will hopefully be extra parking around the High School and the Publix parking lot. In other words, attendees are on their own for parking.

Is there a theme to the 2019 Christmas Parade that should be considered when working up floats?
The theme is Holiday (Christmas) anything beyond that is secondary. Just simple advertisements will not be allowed in the parade. All applicants have declared what they are doing.